A thought - design myself.

I’m kinda person who is quite idealist. I want something perfect. Ya I know, nothing is perfect. So I will do as long as I can to get close to perfection. Especially for myself, for my future. And I feel that to build myself I found a similarity as designing products. -Probably you feel I’m odd or geek of design, but I think it’s also because I got a lot of influences from my background, product design :))

To design, you need to do a lot of experiments. To do that, you need ideas. To get ideas, you need a research. To research, you need a reference.

As well as my way to find the real me by traveling. I feel that it’s almost impossible to find myself by just staying in one country. I need to explore to find inspirations. To research & survey to different sources/places to get as much inputs as i can.

I will visit as many countries as I can until I found myself. And then, in the countries I’ll visit, i will try many different things and decide which one I like and fits to me and which one doesn’t. In design context, I called it as experiment.

Afterwards, I can decide where I belong to, what I like, how and who myself is by references that I had and ‘experiments’ that I did. If someone is asking me, why don’t you like this and that? I will obviously have the answer. As well as design. When the product is done, and people are asking, why don’t you make the shape like this and that, you will have the answer, because you did a lot of experiments and researches before.

Stuttgart, January 2014

Folded by Jomi Evers Solheim

by Hilda Hellströmhttp://www.hildahellstrom.se/